1600HP Dodge Challenger Attacks The Dyno – Real Monster!

Muscle cars are made for speed, power and dominating. Those are quite rude vehicles. They are going only straight, like a real man. You will not see any muscle car racing in the traffic, but you will definitely see some on the drag strip. The hottest dragsters are made of muscle cars. Toughest dragsters made of classic Chevies, or 70`s Mustangs, or even modern Mustangs. I want to show you a car, if it can be called so, I would say a Beast. This beast is equipped with 1600 Horsepower and in the past, it was the toughest car of America.

A 1970 Dodge Challenger! This car represents a whole era of muscle cars, a Golden Age of Muscle Cars. Of course Mustangs, Camaros and other fast rides from Detroit well known, but Challenger is the toughest. That`s the masterpiece, that`s immortal Classics, which looks great even now after more than 40 years. That`s why this car is so beloved by professionals and enthusiasts. Today to find in grandpa’s garage his old Challenger that`s a Jack Pot!

This Black Challenger from Australia is a Beast, could you imagine a 1600 horse power car? Moreover, imagine all this power on the Drag strip! DO you want to see how domination looks like – look in his eyes, look at his blower and listen to his raging motor!

Actually, Australia is a very strange place, you can never meet some animals outside of Australia, and of course you can never see in Whole Round World how a dragster is tested on the dyno! Yeap, they are tested, but there are so many wires, computers, and strips, and once again strips, because “Safety First”. But not for Australian mechanics are not pussies, they don`t need any wires and straps, they put the beast on the dyno, and kicks its a*s!