This 1966 Plymouth Belvedere Might Be The ULTIMATE Sleeper!

Muscle cars are meant to be loud and ludicrous vehicles, created to blow you away with insane sounds and excellent performances. However, this formula can be modified. Some vehicles might not be so flamboyant when it comes to design, but still definitely have that badass factor making them highly desirable.

Look no further than this glorious 1966 Plymouth Belvedere to find a perfect example for that claim. David Meyer had a vision of his dream car for a long time, and with a help of an experienced coachbuilder Troy Trepanier, it became reality.

Packing one epic setup under the hood, which includes a 526 cubic inch HEMI with twin rear-mounted turbochargers, this beast in no joke when it comes to performances as well. However, the “Northern Bel” wasn’t designed to be the ultimate drag racer, evidenced by the stunning interior and the overall weight which balances around 5,000 lbs!

Still, this vehicle may serve as a blueprint on how to create the perfect everyday muscle car! Honestly, it’s definitely one of the most impressive vehicles we’ve ever seen. What a brilliant machine!