Bad-To-The-Bone ’69 ProCharged Camaro “Megalodon”


Brent Austin is the owner, driver, and builder of a ’69 Camaro known as “Megalodon” that has become a regular sight at major no prep events. Austin lives in Virginia and is no stranger to the racing scene, as he’s built many fast cars. Megalodon sports a 565-inch big-block motor with a 800 lb. injectors and an F3R ProCharger transferring through a TH400 transmission. The car was built in a year by Austin, who did all the work in his garage. Austin also does his own tuning on the car, which provides an advantage, as he knows where to add or pull power right from the driver’s seat.

DSC_6862The car is estimated to produce 2,000 horsepower and is setup to run on virtually any surface, and hooks extremely well in no prep events or on the street.  As Austin shared with us, Megalodon is an old 10.5-inch tire, steel top and glass front-end car door car.

Brent discussed the origin of the name “Megalodon”, which came from the shark-like silver paint job and side vents that mimic the fins of a shark. The paint code is Titanium Poly by PPG, a Lamborghini color that make the lines of the car pop. Austin runs “Megalodon” runs in his backyard at Natural Bridge in Virginia, although he hasn’t put a lot of laps on the car yet — with only about 15 passes on it, Austin is tweaking it to run at its best in no prep events.

Brent Austin sure has created a big splash in “Megalodon” with its tire wrinkling, wheels up, hard-pulling passes at no prep events, and the car is quickly becoming a contender in the Big Tire class and starting a buzz in the stands with the fans.

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