Big Chief in the Crowmod vs 900+ci Cuda Promod while testing for NHRA nationals in Indy


It might seem like icons on the level of Big Chief have everything all figured out in their realm, but as Chief himself will probably tell you, he is even still figuring things out and building his car to be even better.
This time, after receiving some updates at Larry Jeffers Race Cars, Chief brought out the Crowmod to Indy in NHRA legal trim to do some testing during the PSCA Street Car Super Nationals St. Louis Event.
In this particular matchup, in the other lane, sits a Cuda sporting over 900 cu. in. to push it down the drag strip in the fastest way possible.
Off of the line, it is an all-out peddle fest as neither car is able to grab traction right away, but when they do, the blast to the finish line is something to be admired.
Take a look at the Urban Hillbilly Action Videos view of the entire sequence as these drivers work their rear ends off to make it to the finish line first. Who will take home the win light? Find out below!