Derek in the Silver Unit vs The Swamp Thing at Cash Days! Real Deal Street Racing!

When it comes to racing in a straight line, there’s just something about doing it in the streets that’s all that much more interesting, especially when you throw in the element of high horsepower cars that most certainly will struggle to find traction out there on an unprepared road. This time, it’s a pair of nitrous infused big blocks going at one another, taking their shot at the finish line to attempt to out run each other in a fury of tire smoke as both cars make their best attempt to gain traction and muscle their way to the finish line while riding sideways half of the time. NXGonzo was on the scene capture the action as Derek and the Silver Unit went up against the Swamp Thing at Cash Days and this battle surely did get heated. With all that cash on the line and so many spectators in attendance, this was one race that really raised the stakes and put these drivers on notice as they both attempted to take home victory. Be sure to check out all of the heavy hitting below.