Gas Monkey Garage Finds Out There is Such a Thing as “Too Much Power” in Preparation to Race the Street Outlaws

Generally speaking, the more horsepower you have on hand, the better. In a world where top fuel cars produce 11,000 horsepower, it seems there would be no such thing as too much power. However, if the chassis isn’t dialed in, there can certainly be too much, and it usually presents itself in dramatic fashion. Tomorrow night, we will take our first look at the Fast N’ Loud vs Street Outlaws: The Build to Mega Race saga and the Gas Monkey Garage crew seems to have found themselves in uncharted territory, having never built a full-on drag car with the power their Dodge Challenger is producing.

It looks like the car needs some tweaking, as one of the clips shows it sliding sideways across the centerline of the track toward the wall in the opposite lane as Richard states, matter-of-factly, that they are dealing with too much horsepower. Can the Gas Monkeys get the rowdy Dodge lined out before they line up with the Midwest Street Cars twin turbo GTO? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow night and find out!