How To Polish Chrome


During the muscle car heyday, chrome was all the rage. Big, brash chrome bumpers and accents can be found across many vintage vehicles, creating a charm all its own. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep those pieces in tip-top shape.

Chemical Guys returns with its latest instructional on how to clean and polish chrome the correct way to ensure no scratches occur, and a final, bright finish is produced.

It’s a simple process, and maybe even involves some common sense, but ensure each chrome piece has been either washed, or wiped down with a quick detailer to remove any loose debris first and foremost. Then, take your favorite metal polish and begin working the product in. Wipe off any leftover residue, and make a second pass if it seems fit.

Easy as that. And, if anything, click play to see some gorgeous shots of the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle used during the video.

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