Jay Leno Hoons Z06 ‘Vert, Cop Busts His Ass!

Seeing a cop’s flashing lights behind you is a bad start to a day. But seeing Jay Leno say, “This is not gonna end well,” while getting pulled over in a new Z06 is a great way to start a video.
In today’s “Celebrities: they’re just like us!” moment, denim-clad everyman Leno takes a pre-production, 650-horse Z06 convertible for a spin on Jay Leno’s Garage. As perfectly coiffed GM bro Shad Balch sits shotgun, Jay plants the LT4’s gas pedal. WOT is achieved, cop lights flash and hilarity ensues. Famous last words: “Man this thing is fast!” (Woop WOOP).
Despite the fact that Leno is filthy rich, ridiculously connected and probably talked his way out of it, this piece is a humorous reminder of just how democratic our motorized society is. Because Johnny Law treats all instances of rolling jackassery the same! Good luck with that, Jay.