NOS Spells End For Ram Truck!


There is a sweet irony whenever someone is trying to flaunt his swagger and fails. However, like big engines and big amounts of horsepower, egos are even bigger. Granted, embarrassing one’s self and destroying one’s car are on two completely different levels of fail.
We are all enthusiasts who enjoy our cars, even when battle lines are drawn in blood and any reconciliation is nil.
A video that has garnered its fair share of views over the last few days shows an embarrassing and painful explosion of a diesel Ram on the dyno—the automotive equivalent of the Olympics.
A cracked block spelled demise for Shawn Baca’s truck. The Ram was already at 4,600 rpms when a hit of NOS resulted in a spectacular fireball. Oftentimes, competition gets the best of us, and in the quest for 2,000 horsepower, a good truck was lost.
We will pour one out for Baca’s truck.