Screw-Blown Impala Mows Down A Wheat Field At Cash Days!


Kansas racer Jamond Haug provided the entertainment at the Eat Sleep Street Controlled Chaos Days event that was held at an airstrip near Wichita, as he took his ’63 Chevrolet Impala on an interesting offroad excursion.

Haug and brother, Todd, unveiled their sinister new street legal Impala, known as De Gudfar, back in March, sporting a 540 cubic inch Brad Anderson Hemi with a screw supercharger on top. The Haug brothers, who comprise Homewrecker Motorsports, told us they weren’t going to shy away from racing against the best in their killer-looking machine, and they certainly weren’t, as some of the top names in the business were on hand at the invite-only Controlled Chaos race.

And Jamond got to take a crack at one of them.

Haug was lined up against none other than Kye Kelley an his famous ‘Shocker’ Camaro from Mississippi and gave it everything the big screw-blown Impala had to keep up with Kelley, but the car proved to have a little more horsepower than the concrete surface could handle. The Impala struck the tires almost immediately and never fully recovered, eventually pitching right out into the wheat field that lines the strip. There, in the field, was videographer Sean Melton of Urban Hillbilly Videos, who was posted up on a ladder and never even flinched as the psuedo-Batmobile harvested some wheat right behind him.

As if it were an ordinary Sunday drive, Haug plowed through the field, around Melton, and drove right back onto the strip — the car covered in wheat but otherwise good to go.

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