USA Vs The World In Epic Import Tuner Vs American Muscle Car Drag Racing Throw Down!

Hope you are ready for some sick drag racing! This drag racing that took place at the Street Wars event at Old Bridge Township Englishtown New Jersey’s Raceway Park will finally, once and for all, determine who rules the car world! Will it be the fine and storied American muscle car team or the imported tuner team that takes the top spot on the podium in some of the most dramatic drag racing to ever take place! The 14 America vs the world races include Toyotas, Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, a Galaxy or two, a Nissan, a Honda, two-door muscle cars, some three-door hatchbacks, a four-door sedan or two, and so much more! Yes, I promise you that this drag racing from New Jersey will blow you away!