Welder Up’s Overcharged 1968 Dodge Charger, a Diesel Rat Rod that Bullies Jeeps

They say the retro Dodge Charger is so cool, that it simply can’t be ruined, no matter how you try to modify it. Well, the build fetishists over at Welder Up are definitely testing the limits of a ’68 model with their latest contraption, which is dubbed Project Overcharged.

Heck, the machine has been taken so far from the form its maker intended for it, that it’s difficult to label – is it still a muscle car if it has a diesel engine? Can it be called a rat rod?Regardless, the vehicle is fresh out of the oven, having made its debut last week. Whether you’d like to smash this Charger back to its original form or would prefer to drive it for the rest of your days, you have to admit the shop chose the ideal launch event, namely this year’s King Of The Hammers.

The event, which took place last week, in Johnon Valley, Ca, saw the oil-burning animal bullying a bunch of also-lifted Wranglers, at least in terms of the stance.

Don’t let the fuel choice trick you into believing this heavy chunk of metal is a slouch. Blocking out the view (you can take this literally), we find a pair of 6-75 blowers, which, together with a twin-turbo setup, force-feed a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel.

The resulting Frankenplant works with an NV4500 five-speed auto, even though you probably need a helmet once you go past second gear. That’s because the only way to tell what’s in front of the car is to stick your head through the hole that now replaces the roof in a bit of a targa manner.

The one-ton chassis of the thing, with the solid all-wheel-drive system, is enough to convince offroading enthusiasts that this desert tamer is worth the hype that will inevitably be built around it.